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Real testimonials from real people whom really enjoyed learning from CG Cookie!

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  • Thank you for all your hard work!
    You have a pedagogy approach that I love. Your training is clear, precise and complete. You are an essential part of Blenders community.
    Stay awesome and keep up the excellent work!

    -Yves Perera,

  • The courses you have provided and the hard work you put into them are literally a life saver to me and there’s probably no other way, or no better way, I would have found to course correct my life. That’s why I’m so driven to make sure I understand and retain everything the best I possibly can on a professional level, I don’t want to miss a thing that might help me! – QuestRegister


  • I’ve had so many ‘eureka!’ moments because of CG Cookie’s instructors…and not just because of the tutorials! The exercises, the gamification, and the hands-on with very knowledgeable and very approachable instructors allow CG Cookie to become more than just a tutorial site. It’s a university. It’s a place that allows you to learn in multiple ways. The site, the people and atmosphere are as professional and laid back. What more could you want?


  • CG Cookie is great. It is packed with friendly, knowledgeable, creative artists that want us all to thrive in a positive environment. And so many disciplines are represented. It’s all top shelf.


  • My problem as a beginner artist and developer was not a lack of creativity, but a lack of understanding the workflow of what it took to make things happen. The intensive course on modeling and important game assets took me from conceptual art all the way to the final steps. CGCookie is the hidden gem for all aspiring or developing artists. The CGCookie team knows their stuff.

    -Nate Melo,

  • When trying to find a place to first start Blender most sites are far from being friendly in the beginning. CG Cookie is considered to be the first place to start learning and rightfully so.

    [Jonathan] picks up the Basics incredibly and explains each step with thorough explanation of function and short key, I ended making a very basic portfolio in the first month of citizenship.


  • CG Cookie has been helpful in getting me on the right track to my dream. I’ve always wanted lo learn game development.

    CG Cookie is helping me learn everything I can to get a jumpstart on my dream. I’ve learned the basics of digital art from just a few tutorials. And soon plan to move on towards learning Blender.

    Each tutorial feels like a private 1-on-1 with the artist in the video.

    Exercises allow great practice and helpful feedback on how to improve.

    CG Cookie is a great place to start learning or even to expand your knowledge!


  • As a hobby 3D artist, CG Cookie has really lowered the learning curve for me. The videos are high quality and the instructors do a great job explaining tools instead of making assumptions or glazing over things. The exercises are a great way to hone your Blender chops!

    -Ryan Sweeney,

  • Best site for Blender. The community is incredible.
    And the exercises great the greatest feedback.

    All essential to improving my skills.