Learn how to make video games

Understanding Unity Game Development

Creating a new game takes skill and knowledge. Understand the science of game development and the key aspects that go into making a game that is truly outstanding.


Unity 5: Your Personal Game Lab

Free for personal use, flexible and incredibly powerful, Unity is the dominant global game industry software. Download your copy at and discover the technology behind the biggest and best games made today.

Learn the Unity Interface

Get to know the Unity interface, explore game objects and meet the Game View - a window which will allow you to test out your game. Whether you are just starting out or need a refresher of the basics, we got you covered. Take our FREE Unity for Beginners course.

Create Your Own Unity Space Shooter

Nostalgic for arcade games? From project setup to a final test run, this course will take you from start to finish of the production of a 2D arcade style space shooter. Let's fire up the laser gun!

Learn how to code in Unity

There are 11110100001001000000 reasons to learn programming: understand memory management, learn how to edit code, gain a greater control over your game. In short: step up your game from a beginner to a pro game developer. Learn programming painlessly.