Discover the beauty of sculpting

Get your hands dirty

Welcome to the world of sculpting where true artistry lies at your fingertips! Earn a profound understanding of space and proportions - and sculpt the magical dragon you've always dreamed of.

Know your clay

Each of the 5 basic clay types has different properties and its own characteristic pros and cons. Become familiar with them one by one and learn which one is best suited for your creations. See each material in action.

What can you do with old chopsticks?

Tools are the extension of a sculptor's hands. But there is no need to buy every tool on the shelf - with sculpting, you can accomplish so much with so little! Learn how to make your own tools.

Become an architect

An armature is the foundation of your sculpt and makes it stand upright. Learn the different types of armatures and find out how to architect the perfect one for your subject. Start creating a wire armature.

Create your own toys

Do you dream of making your own board game pieces or a magical sculpt character to sit on your desk? Or do you want to mass produce dragons and sell them online? Let us help demystify mold making and get you on your way. Get started with mold making.

Breathe life into your sculpt

Wrinkles, scars, hair and fur...realistic textures are essential for your sculpt to look alive. This is where you can get truly creative and find your own approach to surface texturing. Learn tips and tricks for adding custom detail.