Learn 2D Digital Art

Create Your Own Worlds and Characters

Set out on a journey to bring your vision to life by mastering the fine art of digital drawing.

Start learning to paint digitally!

Give your art the strongest foundation by first understanding the essential skills. Begin to understand values, forms, and lighting - as well as the software through which you will create. Follow our Learning Flow and start giving shape to your imagination with our View Introduction to 2D Art Learning Flow.

Dive into a pool of inspiration

Find a fresh new way of looking at the world through an artist's eye with our inspiring tutorials and stunning image galleries created by our community. View our gallery of what others have created.

Become Familiar with the Fundamentals

Our fundamental courses take you on the path to building up a strong understanding of the basics and how to create solid foundations to work upon. You can start your journey on this path by starting with the Shape, Forms and Contrast Course.

Get focused with reference sheets

Our reference sheets will help you to remember how to simplify complex forms. Use them for focused studies on your approach to select subjects like a body parts, natural objects or realistic materials. View our full resources library.

Create Believable Characters

Characters are more than just a concept. Understand character dynamics as you explore the technical, aesthetic and character aspects that come together to create a unique character full of life and personality.