Sculpting Fabric in Clay

Sculpting Fabric in Clay

Learn how to sculpt various realistic fabrics so you can “dress” your figurines in clay garments. We’ll be looking at fabrics like silk, cotton, flannel, and felt.


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Different Types of Fabric

Learn to analyze and sculpt the unique characteristics of various kinds of fabric.

Free-flowing Fabric

See several approaches to sculpting thin fabric through the context of flags in the wind.


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Discover the Shape of Fabric

Fabric is a fun challenge for the traditional sculptor. Distinct characteristics like wrinkles and folds are easy enough to shape, but to refine them appropriately to represent different kinds of fabric takes practice.


What You’ll Learn

In this course I will guide you through my workflow for sculpting 4 kinds of fabric in the same context of being draped over a ball. Then I will show you several methods for sculpting fabric in the context of a free-flowing flag. Along the way you’ll learn how to:

  • Observe fabric characteristics through slow-motion video.
  • Sculpt wrinkles and maintain sharp details with tools.
  • Fabric via clay over wiremesh.
  • Fabric via clay over wiremesh (dipping method).
  • Fabric via plain castilene (sheet method)
  • Castilene over fabric (dipping method)

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Continued Learning

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