Fundamentals of Multiplayer Games

Fundamentals of Multiplayer Games

Learn the fundamentals of networking by building a simple party game in Unity


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Building Hungry Hungry Monsters

Building a party game using Unity's built in network multiplayer components

Building the Network UI

Add a custom main menu to join or create a game either online or through a local LAN

Let Build a Multiplayer Game!

In this lesson, we’ll dive into the world of multiplayer for Unity. We’ll be using Unity’s built-in networking components and go over how we can create a simple party game known as Hungry Hungry Monsters for both online and local multiplayer. This is an intermediate course and will focus on the multiplayer aspects of what you need to build your own. In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an offline game scene
  • Join and Host games locally and online
  • Build Network Characters that are synced across the network
  • Update a UI system for displaying points and character icons
  • Displaying a win or lose state for each player when the game is over
  • Building a custom network UI HUD that will act as our main menu

With these fundamentals taught it’ll give you a great starting point of how you can not only build a multiplayer game from the ground up but also give you an idea of how you can also modify your single player game to include multiplayer with a few changes to your game.

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  • Replies: 1

    Not a question, but anyway…

    2 months ago

    • Replies: 2

      Now I feel stupider, if that’s a word. Hit shift and enter. Wanted to say that while I was not so enthused with the tower game course because -been there done that- , this course has given me a new breath of life. I have long wanted to do multi-player stuff but could never justify taking the time to learn it. You have made my yearly subscription worth every yen. Thank you.

      2 months ago

      • Thanks, it’s much appreciated! Anything you’d like to see made into a course?

        2 months ago

      • That’s interesting… I don’t have a reply link.
        If I were to make a request, it would be for a drag and drop inventory, with the ability to use items on objects in the world. Think shooting an animal with a bow or such, then using a knife on the dead animal to get meat, hide and other stuff.

        1 month ago

  • Replies: 1

    Great lessons! In a small amount of time i understand the multiplayer concept. The only thing i don’t understand is when to use synced vars and when not to. Could you help me out a bit? Thanks in advance and kind regards,


    2 months ago

    • Replies: 0

      Typically if something needs to be shared with other players (clients) then you’d use a SyncVar. So a players health, if seen by other players, would be a good example of a SyncVar. Something like knowing how fast a players vehicle is moving (like MPH) is not something other players need to know so you wouldn’t need to make that a SyncVar.

      2 months ago