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Education Network Update

There have been some subtle changes to CG Cookie’s menu system that you may have picked up on. Late last week ModoCookie, MaxCookie and BlenderArtists were removed from the CG Cookie main navigation dropdown. With one new addition to the menu.

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Mobile Game: Eat Sheep

Passion Project

Eat Sheep was our first passion project at CG Cookie and was a blast to make. The idea behind a passion project is to enable the crew to have a creative outlet to work on something outside the normal day to day tasks at CG Cookie.

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A Trip to Kansas

There was a moment on this trip where I thought to myself, “This MUST be how artists felt while working on the first computer generated VFX films”. Tron, or Starship Troopers. I can imagine everyone huddled around a computer screen just amazed what they saw on the screen with their imaginations running wild.
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Coming Soon: Quizzes, XP and Leaderboard

CG Cookie is about to get better

Online learning is becoming the new viable option for artists around the world to pursue their careers and hobbies without stepping foot into a classroom, or paying the typically more expensive costs of higher learning.

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