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Learning 3D through various Blender versions

When the Blender you’re using is different
from the Blender in the video…

One of the best parts of being a Blender user is how quickly the application gets updated! One of the worst parts of being a Blender instructor is how quickly the application gets updated.

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Animation Critique with Wayne Dixon

Man on a Mission

With a slight grin, Wayne recently told me that he believes he’s “successfully started his revolution”. What revolution is that? To influence Blender’s animation community toward a healthy,

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Big Idea: Blender Render VS Cycles


If you’ve ever opened a fresh, official build of Blender, you may be familiar with that button at the top-middle of the window that says “Blender Render”. You probably only know this button because it’s the button that you switch to “Cycles”.

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