About CG Cookie

We believe there's a better way for artists to learn online.

Tucked into a small seat on the inbound Chicago metra train, with a laptop balanced on two propped-up knees, a simple idea was being brought to life: to offer aspiring artists an affordable alternative to a traditional art school.

Today, 7 years later, CG Cookie is true to its mission, serving thousands of artists looking to learn, create and succeed.

Since our humble start on a morning commute, the ride has been incredible; we’re a bootstrapped company, which means we’ve never taken investment income ensuring we earn the support of each member along the way. We have a brick-and-mortar studio in Geneva, IL, though we are a mostly remote company, employing talent from several different states in the U.S. and multiple countries around the world. And we stubbornly help artists out there to succeed.

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Why we do it. We live and breathe creativity, but we also know the creative industry is a tough place. We understand the challenges aspiring artists are up against and this is what fuels our drive.

The best reward for doing our job is hearing from our members that CG Cookie helped them land their dream job, start a new career, or simply enabled them to model that alien cyborg they’ve been imagining for years.